Speech therapists focus on improving communication skills, whether these skills are verbal or non-verbal (sign language, communication device, pictures, improving gestures).  The following  skills can be addressed through speech therapy:

  • Receptive language (following directions, getting named items, pointing to pictures, pointing to body parts)
  • Expressive language (improving vocabulary, use of words, increasing sentence length, requesting, labeling, commenting, refusing items via gesture/picture exchange/sign language/verbal expression)
  • Articulation (pronunciation of specific speech sounds)
  • Voice
  • Stuttering
  • Feeding/swallowing therapy
  • Improving grammar/syntax
  • Pragmatic language (use of language within social contexts, understanding and using abstract language such as idioms, non-literal language)
  • Improving prelinguistic/pre-language skills such as: joint attention, imitation skills, turn taking skills needed for more advanced communication


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